What is HamSpotter?

HamSpotter is a brand new service, which allows to you to show the Ham-World on which frequencies you are working.

Unlike any DX Clusters, we do not fetch any data from RBN or PSK-reporter. Instead we are providing a platform where you can actually share the frequency you are currently working, therefore our data is way more accurate than any regular cluster page, as the spotted frequency comes from the OM/YL theirself.

We also provide you a different set of status images, which you can use for your personal homepage or other portals like QRZ.com.

Feel free to register and try it out, as our service is absolutely free to use.

Operator Country Frequency Mode Time Comment Status
M7AWF United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland10.136 MHzFT82022-05-17 04:38ZON AIR
DL5NAV GermanyOff air
VE4MAR CanadaOff air
N9PQ United States of AmericaOff air
NØXXX United States of AmericaOff air
IK8UDK ItalyOff air
EA3HKA SpainOff air
A61QQ United Arab EmiratesOff air
PU2WME BrazilOff air
W9PRA United States of AmericaOff air
DO9FMIOff air
KD2PWBOff air
UR5ECW UkraineOff air
UX4LX UkraineOff air
PY4XC BrazilOff air
KO4RJE United States of AmericaOff air
F1DSZ FranceOff air
IZ2ZSH ItalyOff air
DLØGEO GermanyOff air
R4YAP Russian FederationOff air
DL7NV GermanyOff air
WF9U United States of AmericaOff air
US5LOC UkraineOff air
OHØ1ØØAX Åland IslandsOff air
HI8ILK Dominican RepublicOff air
PY2KK BrazilOff air
SQ2DOL PolandOff air
RØCBS Russian FederationOff air
PU2OZT BrazilOff air
OHØKCE Åland IslandsOff air
OHØAZX Åland IslandsOff air
OHØJN Åland IslandsOff air
HI8CJG Dominican RepublicOff air
M3OZP United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandOff air
DL4ME GermanyOff air
PU2LJH BrazilOff air
KV4VT United States of AmericaOff air
PY1SX BrazilOff air
DD1LB GermanyOff air
DM8MH GermanyOff air
VP9NM BermudaOff air
VU3ATB IndiaOff air
YD1DYIOff air
IU4IQR ItalyOff air
DF7IW GermanyOff air
PU5KGB BrazilOff air
DL4DAE GermanyOff air
LZ2VO BulgariaOff air
EC3CYO AndorraOff air
YO8TNB RomaniaOff air
YO7BPCOff air
DH6BH GermanyOff air
TG9ANF GuatemalaOff air
CR7AWL PortugalOff air
EI9ES IrelandOff air
K9XJT United States of AmericaOff air
DM2FXOff air
LY1GN LithuaniaOff air
R3KAI Russian FederationOff air
UT3UCR AndorraOff air
UA3221S Russian FederationOff air
DKØOF GermanyOff air
AA9ZI United States of AmericaOff air
VE4TVOff air
EA4HCZ SpainOff air
OP4A BelgiumOff air
DD2BU GermanyOff air
CS7ALZ PortugalOff air
N7JVMOff air
DK1BF GermanyOff air
DL9GTB GermanyOff air
DL4APJ GermanyOff air
W4ECF United States of AmericaOff air
YN1ECF NicaraguaOff air
DL1BAH GermanyOff air
DL1BAH GermanyOff air
DL8RBL GermanyOff air
DL1GAN GermanyOff air
ZL2WL New ZealandOff air
IW1PPB ItalyOff air
DM2FDO GermanyOff air
NP2Q Virgin Islands (U.S.)Off air
CE2EC ChileOff air
DH8BAC GermanyOff air